Monday, 2 April 2012

Good Chinese Recipes For Beginners

It is hard to select a good Chinese recipe if you have got a chance to cook Chinese. It will be a depressing and scary moment when you look through the recipes because of the ingredients which you have never used before and the style of cooking is different and new to you.
When you are not experienced cook and you can't cook exactly according to the recipe then the best is to start with something easy. You can try pot stickers if you like them; it is easy and fun to start with such an easy recipe.
To start with Chinese recipes best are single dishes. They are mostly easy for us to cook. These include rice, vegetables and a type of meat.
You think that you can cook any Chinese recipe then you are totally wrong because you will have a lot going on all at once and you will be devastated. The best is to start with rice.
It takes about 20 minutes to cook rice and also the same amount of time is required to cut meat vegetables. With rice Stir fry is the best option to cook because it is basically meat and vegetable baked on high heat and stirred continuously.
When we start to cook something we should know for how much people we are cooking. You can make your meal fancy only if you serving to one or two by different types of sauces.
In case when you are preparing meal for kids the best is sweet and sour chicken. If you serve kids with bunch of Chinese bean pancakes, they might not eat and dislike them. Always try something which is easy and small.